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Taft Point Engagement Adventure Session at Sunset // Yosemite National Park Wedding Photographers

 Edwin & Marissa's Adventurous Taft Point Engagement Session in Yosemite National Park, California


One of the coolest parts of our job is getting to meet people from all over the place that share our love of traveling and the outdoors. Marissa and Edwin are some of those people. They're currently living in Austin, TX but were totally up for traveling half way across the states to Yosemite National Park in California for their engagement photos. Their adventure session began during sunrise at Glacier Point.  Since we all arrived late the night before and didn't get quite enough sleep we took a break to rest before meeting up again in the afternoon. Making our way up to Taft Point to catch sun set we found ourselves stopping in the Valley, in a meadow, and up on a high ledge taking photos. Yosemite has a seemingly endless supply of beautiful locations for engagement sessions. During the drive we bonded over our love of tacos and chatted about our favorite foods we had tried from different places in the US (I guess we were all a bit hungry by that time!). The hike out to Taft Point was a fun challenge. Snow covered the trail in spots which sent us off the path trying to find easier passage then trying to reconnect to the trail again. We took our time making stops here and there when the giant pines were just too beautiful to pass by without photographing.  

As the sun set Edwin and Marissa conquered any fear of heights they might have had by making their way out to the ledge to snuggle while we took photos from a distance. After enjoying the sunset we made our way back to our cars from Taft Point using headlamps and cell phone flashlights while trying to remember which way we detoured from the snow on our way up. A couple wrong turns and more than a few laughs later we were back to our car.