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Hi, We're Colby & Jess Moore.

We get to travel the world taking photographs of people during some of the most exciting moments of their life.  Over the past 8 years we've photographed over 250 weddings.  Specializing in environmental portraiture, we love working with clients who share an appreciation for beautiful landscapes and aren't afraid to hike up a mountain, venture into a forest, or explore a secluded beach.  

Find more information on adventurous sessions here.

In our ten years of marriage traveling has always been our favorite shared hobby. We explore all over North America and abroad doing wedding & portrait photography, stopping to take in the beautiful sights along the way. Colby shares photos of the places we're lucky enough to visit through social media and in his online gallery. 

When we're not traveling you can find us in Springfield MO (our home base) grabbing Pad Thai and tacos from the food truck down the street or hanging out with our kittens and chickens at home.


colby and jess photography adventure elopement photographers
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colby and jess photography adventure elopement photographers
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